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aspiin requested:  okayokayokay ummm could you make a graphic with this quote I thought up: "He just wanted the world to start and end with her or was that too much for one boy to ask" bc I've had it in my head forever???
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tada ichiruki son is learning how to speak :)

aspiin requested:  okayokayokay ummm could you make a graphic with this quote I thought up: "He just wanted the world to start and end with her or was that too much for one boy to ask" bc I've had it in my head forever???
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Bleach favorite things: the Byakuya-Rukia-Ichigo relationship Kubo keeps on developping.

  • I like how for Byakuya Rukia starts as Hisana’s sister while Ichigo starts as the human boy/brat who looks like Kaien.
  • I love how Ichigo makes him realize that Rukia is worth fighting all the rules. That her happiness and well being should be more important to any rules Byakuya is sticking to.
  • I love how after he learns that he won, Ichigo feels so happy, like he’s won the most important fight. It doesn’t matter that Byakuya is only one captain and that there are stronger captains beside him. Byakuya is Rukia’s brother. Winning against him, the one Ichigo sees as partly responsible for Rukia’s sadness, making him apologize to Rukia and seeing her happy again. It’s all in this fight and it’s what’s most important to Ichigo.
  • I love how Byakuya apologizes to Rukia as Ichigo wanted and also how he thanks Ichigo for opening his eyes.
  • I love how from that point on Byakuya relationship with Rukia and Ichigo evolves.
  • I love how Rukia becomes Byakuya’s pride, the one person he would kill for if she was ever hurt. I love how he becomes very supportive of her to the point where he allows her to become a VC and finally knowledges her as a full blown Kuchiki. How he finally praises her strengh. I love how losing Rukia becomes his greatest fear.
  • I love how Rukia grows even more attached to her brother, to the point where she doesn’t hesitate to bring up Ichigo’s well being in front of him. I love how she asks him why they’re not helping Ichigo or why he’s leaving while Ichigo is fighting.
  • I love how Ichigo is no longer a boy for Byakuya but a man he’s come to respect, a man whose enemy becomes also Byakuya’s enemy. I love how Byakuya defeats Tsukishima, while thinking he’s someone he’s indebted too, simply because he’s Ichigo’s enemy. More than that Byakuya steps on his pride and begs Ichigo later to save Soul Society.
  • I love how Kubo also depicts Byakuya acknowledging Ichigo in his omake. Ichigo spends new years eve at Byakuya’s house. Byakuya offers him a Kuchiki pass that allows him to have anything from any Kuchiki store for free. Byakuya even chooses Ichigo as ‘model’ to make a statue.
  • I love how Ichigo also comes to deeply respect Byakuya, so much that when he hears his voice with Rukia and Renji he promises not to let him die. I love how mad angry Ichigo gets after he sees the injured Byakuya and hear him beg.
  • I love how Ichigo and Rukia become so important to Byakuya, he would kill/hurt anyone who hurt them in turn. They’re both his pride.


Huuum, I didn’t know what to do with those sketches… And I’d rather use my dA account for quality fanarts, so I guess I’ll use this blog to post my crappy stuff. :V

Ichigo trying to sheer up his waifu~ <3

Art by me // my dA


Here you go sarisama. I hope you like it. :) My ask box is always open if you want more pictures.


The Devil I Know by BlancaVenus


YEY! I finally made an Ichiruki fanart!

Ichigo & Rukia (c) Kubo Tite

Art (c) Gemikan (me…lol)

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doctor-rukia requested: "I'd love to see some ichiruki swapped cliches like Rukia is the knight and Ichigo is the princess"

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Well, now that I have free time, I can do these things. The first drawing I wanted to do has been one of my favorite couples: Ichiruki. I’m new at this, because I had never drawn on computer. Hope you like it.

Ichiruki <3
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